HTP ENERGY has grown to become a leader in biofuels wholesale marketing of ethanol and biodiesel and we specialize in natural gasoline used as a denaturant in the production of ethanol, and diluent blending needs in the crude oil business. These products are delivered by truck, rail and pipeline.


  • HTP ENERGY offers Biodiesel for both bulk commercial and rack, or “top off”, blending at terminal locations across the Midwest, along with standalone topping locations in the Southwest and Southeast. Finished Biodiesel blends are available at multiple terminal locations throughout our supply network. We offer a variety of pricing structures and can design individual risk management programs for specific customer needs.


  • We are one of the largest ethanol rack suppliers in the Midwest and provide bulk ethanol supply solutions throughout the USA. By leveraging our internal and commercial supply needs, we are able to provide clients with the economics and liquidity of a “big buyer,” along with geographical trading opportunities between supply points. Our pricing programs are designed to offer the flexibility, risk management and diversification needed in today’s business environment. We are willing to structure pricing models to meet your specific needs and to capture opportunities as they arise.

Denaturants & Diluent

  • Over the last several years our team has focused on working with producers to bring denaturant to the Midwest in the most economical and reliable manner possible. As natural gasoline exploration and production has rapidly expanded, opportunities and access to new supply has grown significantly. Our experienced team continues to focus on strategies to supply our customers in the most efficient ways possible, including pipeline, railcar and truck. We offer various grades of natural gasoline to address needs in the renewable fuels and crude blending sectors of the energy industry.