In today’s world of complex fuel specifications and blend requirements, you can lean on HTP ENERGY to help you identify the correct octane, RVP, ethanol, and biodiesel blends for your market area.

HTP ENERGY offers a full line of gasoline and diesel products at hundreds of supply points throughout the United States and Canada, including a line of premium diesel fuel in the Magellan pipeline system. Our additive and fuel partners can also help you with specialty products wherever you may need them.


  • Branded and Unbranded offerings
  • All octanes, grades, specifications of gasoline

Diesel Fuel

  • #2 Ultra Low Sulfur (clear/dyed)
  • #1 Ultra Low Sulfur (clear/dyed)
  • Canadian Diesel –including P40
  • XMaxx Premium Diesel (Magellan system)
  • Premium Diesel-per availability by terminal